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New PIX4Team 2

The Pix4Team 2 Revolution

Better tracking technology thanks to:

  • Improved optics that delivers more pixels for artificial intelligence
  • New generation of Artificial Intelligence thanks to enhanced computing capacity

More versatile, the PIX4TEAM 2 robot now includes ALL SPORTS!

Video playback from any TV / computer / tablet / smartphone connected to the same WiFi network as your PIX4TEAM 2. Allows you to coach right after a sports session or half-time without having to physically access the robot.

And always:

  • Compatible with the video hosting and sharing platform
  • Compatible with the scoreboard and banner option

Pix4Team can be used for everything

Ice Hockey



Connect the robot to the PIX4TEAM app on your smartphone and select your local Wi-Fi network or stream directly using the phone’s 4G network.


Connect the robot to the PIX4TEAM app on your smartphone, connect an RJ45 cable to your local internet connection, and start your streaming using the app.


Connect your own live streaming tools directly to the HDMI port of the standard camera on top of the robot. For example, use an HDMI-to-USB video converter that connects to your internet-connected computer, allowing you to stream to any live streaming service such as YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, etc.

PIX4TEAM/Pixio Accesories

How does it work?

Easy setup that takes minutes  on a stand at the edge of the field or on a tripod in the bleachers...

...define the field limits on the free PIX4TEAM REMOTE app; And start recording and/or streaming from the app

Filmed by PIX4TEAM without a cameraman


In the online shop, you will find everything you need for your PIX4Team2. We have a wide selection of accessories available!

And adapted sports

The All New

Designed for team sports


How Pix4Team works exactly? (AI, Live, Recording...)

The 180° camera at the bottom of the robot films the whole field. It does not move. Its video is analysed by an artificial intelligence algorithm in real time: it determines where the action that needs to be filmed is. Then it sends PAN, TILT and ZOOM commands to the camera on top of the robot, so that the camera focuses on this action. The video can be recorded locally in the camera memory or micro-SD card, and/or recorded inside the robot (micro-SD card), and/or live streamed on any live streaming services: Youtube, Facebook, Vimeo, your own live streaming service if any, our own live streaming service that will be proposed later on the website. The video can be used in any analysis software, it’s a standard camera so it’s a standard video format. We will also propose an analysis software on the website later.

Is it possible to have several sports in 1 robot Pix4Team?

Yes, it’s possible to add as many sports as you need to your robot thanks to this upgrade:

Can Pix4Team follow a ball, a puck, or a player?

PIX4TEAM follows the action, it does not follow any specific player or the ball. It uses Artificial Intelligence in order to film the match as a human would do.
If you want to film a specific player, our Pixio or Pixem can be the solution:

What do I need exactly to film & live stream with PIX4TEAM?

You can stream anywhere for free, no monthly fees!
You need 4 things to film & live stream your game:
1)A PIX4TEAM robot according to your sport
2)A tripod or a mast (Have a look at the question “Where should I install PIX4TEAM”)
3) You can use any camera under 1.5kg or any smartphone or tablet to film with your PIX4TEAM robot. To take advantage of the automatic zoom and remote control of the recording, you must use one of the compatible cameras (check the list: or use the free PIX4TEAM CAMERA App
4)A smartphone or a tablet with the free App PIX4TEAM REMOTE to setup the system and live stream for free.
We also recommend our special transport bag

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